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Farmhouse history & our family
Your hosts on Arnoldgut Farm

Our farm has been continuously family owned since 1686 and, as a result, the Arnoldgut was recognised as an Erbhof estate (special Austrian title for farms which have been managed by the same family for generations) in 1933. When our parents took over the farm in 1959, mechanisation began to take over which made the work on the farm easier.

In the 70s our parents started letting out rooms and since then it has been possible to spend a holiday on the farm in Altenmarkt. When we took over the business in 1999 we decided to make all the improvements needed to increase the wellbeing and satisfaction of our family and our guests.

Christian Huber

Farmer Christian mainly takes care of the animals and the work on the fields and in the stables as he enjoys working with animals, something for which he has a real talent.. In addition, he also does all the digging work in the surrounding graveyards. As a trained carpenter he also always finds plenty of DIY work on our farm. In the summer, Christian drives to the Reitlehenalm once a week for fishing which the kids love. He can also take them out on the tractor when he harvests the hay! His hobbies include skiing, cycling and walking.

Rosemarie Huber

Rosemarie the farmer is a trained hairdresser and married Christian in 1997. She looks after the room/apartment letting and everything involved with this – which she does with great enthusiasm and loves doing it. She is quite homely and enjoys having her workplace at home which means she is also able to take care of her big family, the garden and housework at the same time. Her hobbies include walking as well as enjoying chitchat with friends and other people she meets. She places great importance on the family which has proven to be a strong foundation.

Lisa-Maria Huber

Lisa-Maria, our eldest daughter, was born in 1992 and works as a kindergarten teacher in Altenmarkt. She loves contact with other people and children, enjoys photography and is creative which also really helps her in her work! Lisa-Maria has already “flown the nest” and lives in her own flat.

Christian Huber

Christian was born in 1998 and would later like to take over the parental farm. He is currently working with the company Atomic and doing a locksmith training. One of his favourite hobbies is skiing, the second favourite is playing the harmonica which he has already been doing since he was 7 years-old!

Eva-Maria Huber

Eva-Maria is our third child who was born in 2000 and is doing a five-year course at the college for early childhood education in Bischofshofen. Her hobbies include skiing, riding and going out with her friends.

Johanna Huber

Johanna was born in 2003 and goes to agricultural school. In her free time she likes meeting friends. She loves nature and animals.

Jonas Huber

Our youngest child Jonas was born in 2010 and is, of course, the “baby” of the family. He enjoys sitting on the tractor with his father or brother most as well as cycling and playing with Lego.

Happy holidays on Arnoldgut Farm!

A holiday on our Salzburg kids farm is packed with fun and enjoyable moments: adventure for the kids and relaxation for the parents! At the Arnoldgut we look forward to being able to offer you all of this!


Family Huber
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A - 5541 Altenmarkt - Zauchensee

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